Quality Control Analyst

QC Analyst

March 1, 2017

Golf - Every Shot Every Hole and Leaderboard Highlights

Location: Denver, Colorado/ Headquarters

Status: Contract Position Only

Project Description:

This project will consist of two Quality Control roles. One is focused on QC of the Every Shot Every Hole Service, and the other is focused on QC of the Leaderboard Highlights service.

Every Shot Every Hole – Each golf shot that is captured by a media camera will be posted to sports federation portal.

Leaderboard Highlights – A highlight of players of an individual hole will be posted to the digital leaderboard on the portal and app. Highlights are not created for every hole, or every player, but are created based on the direction of the on-site Wazee Digital Producer. Generally, highlights are created for more prominent and well known players as well as players who play a hole very well.

Key Responsibilities/requirements:

  • Perform a Quality Control (QC) check of each video being posted to the sports federation portal
  • Confirm the clip being posted consists of the correct, player, hole number, shot number and round. i.e. Make sure the clip is theplayer, on hole 6, hitting his 2nd shot, in round 1
  • Confirm there are no obscenities by player, or patrons
  • Confirm audio is synced correctly to video
  • For Leaderboard Highlights, confirm the voiceover talent is describing the video accurately. The player is correct, the hole being played is correct, the VO talent does not make any errors in the general description of the highlight
  • Once QC of clip has been performed and confirmed as the correct clip, the person will perform a metadata update and post the clip to the portal
  • If an error is identified on a clip, the person will immediately call out the error to the QC Team Manager for communication to the on-site team to supply a new clip and/or fix the error
  • Each QC team member will be responsible for QC of 80 clips per hour, on average


  • Very strong attention to detail
  • Ability to perform repetitious work for 8+ hours a day
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, high stress environment
  • Available to work all day April 6-9, and for a training period on April 5th
  • Must be able to commute to Wazee Digital offices each day
  • Knowledge of golf preferred but not required
  • Previous live event/production experience a plus

Hours: Shifts will be staggered and begin at either 7am or 9am each day (April 4th-9th, 2017), please inquire for details.

*Due to 50% less players participating, schedules and number of staff needed are subject to change for Saturday and Sunday based on workload and performance on Thursday and Friday.

*All times and schedules are subject to change based on when cameras start recording each day

To apply: Please send resumes to jobs@wazeedigital.com and reference QC Analyst in the subject line.