20 Most Promising Enterprise Content Management Solution Providers 2016

CIO Review Enterprise Content Management Special

CIO Review December 7, 2016

Originally listed on CIO Review

Today, most enterprises are faced with managing heavy flow of content at a fast pace on a daily basis. Creating, storing, editing and distributing content with accurate approval is not an easy task to achieve, unless the organization has adopted the best enterprise content management (ECM) solution based on its unique needs. Major forces driving this market include the need for content management across multiple platforms due to the substantial growth of e-commerce and social media along with necessary reduction of costs associated with content management for the sake of efficiency.

Few trends influencing the ECM market to enhance the technology include file share and sync apps that are being integrated into ECM solutions, alongside rising popularity of digitalization of content swaying organizations to shift from their on-premise IT Infrastructure towards cloud. The growing adaption of digital content is also a prime focus where ECM solutions should be able to store the churned out digital content by classifying and simplifying. As users are seeking robust solutions to solve today’s increasing demands for security, and better visibility, solution providers are also making efforts to help enterprises build a sophisticated ECM system which are cost-effective and seamlessly enables users to share data across various channels.

On this note, CIOReview brings to you key ECM solution providers who have made a comprehensive attempt to achieve this mission. These 20 solution providers are offering the most distinct technology to handle ECM successfully. We present to you CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Enterprise Content Management Solution Providers 2016”.