IABM Annual Review 2016:
IABM Annual International Business Conference

IABM Annual International Business Conference 2016

December 28, 2016

Harris Morris, CEO, Wazee Digital, put into practical terms. "We are in a perfect storm, and facing a massive challenge - different people are needed to do different things while carrying on with traditional operations too. Don't rest on your laurels - you need to deserve, not preserve. You need to reach every single potential customer. You have to figure out how to do this..."

"Now there is a real transition to viewing on streaming devices - more is being consumed so discovery of content is the number one priority," said Morris. " rip out costs so you can reach everyone cost-effectively - and don't leave revenue on the table. We as suppliers can do this be eating less - just as the survivors of the dinosaur age did, making them nimbler, faster and lighter. This means you can run faster, so shortening development cycles to days instead of months or years."


The 2016 IABM Annual International Business Conference Review (full-text) is available online here