IBC 2017 Expectations

IBC 2017 Expectations

Andy Hurt September 28, 2017

Originally published in IABM's IBC Journal, 3rd Quarter Issue, Volume 102 page 17

by Andy Hurt, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Wazee Digital

Coming out of NAB 2017, we saw some very clear trends emerging in the media and entertainment industry that will impact both content owners and rights holders who are attempting to monetize every asset in their libraries.

1) Cloud – Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) are finally accepted by most M&E organizations. As such, virtually all media/digital asset management companies are marketing their products as cloud-enabled. However, few are truly cloud-native — that is, built specifically for the cloud — with enterprise-appropriate capabilities and scalability.

2) APIs – The days of searching for one application to complete every task in a very complex workflow are over. Organizations are now looking for best-in-breed software with open APIs that will enable tightly coupled integrations with other third-party solutions.

3 ) Analytics – Now more than ever, rights holders demand access and insights into how and where their content is viewed, along with performance and history. Many of the more progressive MAM/DAM providers are building direct publishing and claiming features into social channels like YouTube and Facebook, which allows for round-trip analytics, asset performance, and monetization.

4) Machine Learning – Automated metadata harvesting is on its way to becoming a reality. Many organizations are starting to incorporate machine learning into their asset-ingest workflows, resulting in the removal of many mundane manual tasks. Although this technology is not quite perfect yet, I suspect it will continue to evolve and become the heart of metadata management in the near future.

We expect these trends — and their implications for content creators and rights holders — to be hot topics at IBC2017.

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