Cloud-native digital asset management

SCTE Broadband Journal Product Review: Wazee Digital Core

December 28, 2016

Originally appeared in the November 2016 Issue, Vol. 38. No. 4, Page 88 of SCTE's Broadband Journal , members access here

Wazee Digital has more than 10 million video assets under secure management for major studios, governmental departments, broadcasters, sports federations, news archives and a range of other content owners and rights holders. For many of those organisations, asset management is just the beginning. They also use Wazee Digital for a variety of related services that help to make those assets searchable, accessible and, in many cases, monetisable.

“What makes it all possible is Wazee Digital Core, our cloud- native media asset management system.

Core is at the heart of all Wazee Digital services. It was built from the ground-up to operate in the cloud, which brings all sorts of advantages when it comes to transcoding, sharing and monetising content. Core powers access to transcripts and interviews and includes advanced metadata-enrichment capabilities, all of which help people to quickly find specific moments within a show. Core also drives the underlying search experience, which enables online search portals with granular layers of access. Once people find what they want, Core can transcode and package the content as needed for a given request,” explained the company.

Core embodies Wazee Digital’s years of experience in monetisation and rights management and allows content owners to create content once and then use and re-use it in countless ways, anywhere, in any format. Its media- management tools underpin various business models for any organisation that owns video.

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