Capturing a Moment

Have you ever thought of the value of capturing a moment?

Capturing a Moment

Jack Wenzinger August 31, 2016

Have you ever thought of the value of capturing a moment?

There is a myriad of moments that media organizations intend on capturing – plan for and execute from a variety of camera angles, delivery modes, and are consumed through multiple outlets. Then, there are the truly unique moments that are captured. The moments that through sheer serendipity go viral and capture a massive audience or heavily impact a few – stamping a key moment in time forever in memory.

Take for example this year’s College World Series in Omaha where a ten-year-old boy, Karl Stefanovic, decided to make faces at one of the broadcast camera’s, capturing the priceless crowd reaction. Hundreds of thousands of hours of this type of content are captured every year and go largely unseen. However, this three minutes of footage had news outlets from all over the globe reporting on his stare-down with the camera. If there’s any doubt to the claim, please feel free to watch the video from a news clip from Channel 9 in Australia.

NCAA Ultimate Stare Off

NCAA Ultimate Stare Off, Karl Stefanovic

These moments come up frequently – leveraging everything from free publishing services, social media outlets, to even email as a way to globally distribute the moment at a speed that is truly staggering. Every company wishes to harness this power: to drive eyeballs toward ideas and brands to extend their business on the back of viral connectivity.

In a different scenario, I remember when I first met Charlie Rose, interview host of the Charlie Rose Show. I was introduced to him through Wazee Digital’s partnership with Amazon. Mr. Rose was looking to digitize and build out his archive of interviews; due to this first meeting, and the use of Wazee Digital Core, everyone can now enjoy his archive on I had prepared a demonstration of our asset management platform, Core, and found some content in our licensing archive of Mr. Rose interviewing Charles Manson back on March 7th, 1986.

Charlie Rose Interview with Charles Manson

Charlie Rose Interview with Charles Manson, 1986

When I told Mr. Rose I was about to show him that content, he turned all his attention to me. He had been told that the tape of that interview no longer existed and before I was able to show him the content, he recalled the event with perfect clarity and told us to watch for a specific moment when Charles Manson makes a lunging motion in the handshake that put Mr. Rose and the security guards on edge. That moment had deep impact for Mr. Rose and through a random series of events, I was able to present the moment and bring it back to life.

Our company is leading the way in capturing defined moments for live events as well as identifying key moments in the digital archiving process. Over the course of the next two weeks we will be working with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) to actively capture the key moments throughout the tournament: key match moments, player interviews, and crowd reactions. The capture of specific moments is now providing new ways to view, experience, and enjoy the match providing easily created highlights focused on specific players, brands, or even emotions. During Wazee Digital’s support of the event last year, there was a captured moment where a drone flew over the tournament (note: this USTA moment is not publicly available). Due to the work that was performed at the match, even obscure moments that would be difficult are now quickly found by the USTA at any time. As a brand owner, having these rare yet sought after moments at the ready is critical. Let’s go back to that the video that went viral in Australia, the newscaster stated they didn’t know who won the game nor did they mention the names of the teams, NCAA, or ESPN. Arguably, this may not have been the demographic for sports… but what if it was?

Content creation is growing at a furious pace and the ability to locate specific moments in time in the archive is becoming more challenging. Companies have no other option than to invest in services that can flex with IT services like bandwidth, storage, and media service technologies.

Well captured moments enable businesses to better utilize their intellectual property to promote monetization and branding, not to mention making sure powerful moments in time live forward for others to experience.