Core Enhancements, Sparkly Unicorns,
and the NAB Show

Core Enhancements, Sparkly Unicorns, and the NAB Show

Allison Coquet February 28, 2017

Perfect software doesn’t exist.

Alas, that doesn’t stop 3.9 million software developers in the US from trying day-after-day. Product teams spend their time chasing after the somewhat elusive unicorn which product users will love AND use AND will work perfectly 100% of the time that will also make them the next billionaire. What no one says out loud is that this task is impossible. But that doesn’t stop us from trying.

I once had a boss who said ‘(users) can have it right, they can have it fast, or they can have it cheap but you can’t have all 3.’ We at Wazee Digital constantly strive to create a product that makes end-users' lives easier at the right moment for the right cost. As part of our unicorn hunting skill-set, product managers should listen, watch, and listen some more to the end-users. Ask questions to understand and determine what the problem is that needs solving. Listen some more. Then collaborate with our teams and the user(s) to determine how best to create and gift the unicorn back to the user with a side of rainbow sprinkles.

This is where I will let you know that the Unicorn here is YouTube Publishing, and the Sprinkles? Monetization.

In preparation for the 2017 NAB Show; which is right around the corner, the Wazee Digital Core team would like to highlight some of the new features we have been working on in response to the listening we have been doing in the past few months.

Usability: I want to get more done with fewer clicks, make the system even more intuitive
Solution? A new homepage, type ahead search, viewable saved search history, revisions to our layout for bin functionality, and responsive UI have all been added in the past few months. These features will not only provide more efficiency but also lay the ground work for the next phases of usability.

Standardization: Terms and keywords are not consistent in Core because users are keying in the wrong terminology
Solution? Controlled Vocabulary provides the ability to import an industry specific thesaurus (think military, medical, nature, etc) into Core and apply the taxonomy to content. This is a terrific way to standardize the keywords in a database, provide suggested and discouraged terminology, lessen user keying errors, and save time searching. Read more on this feature in detail here.

Content Publishing: I love the current YouTube Publishing (aka Unicorn) features but want more flexibility and management over their content
Solution? We have added a new digital end-point tab which provides even more flexibility to publish to various channels, playlists, and even choose if you want to monetize the content. A new published renditions grid allows sorting and filtering on already published content. Remove your content from YouTube right from the grid one at a time, multi-selecting, or select all in the grid. Manage the content details and update the description or keywords without leaving Core. Even better, the new Publish tab will soon be able to support multiple end-points, allowing a user to publish and manage content to YouTube, Facebook (coming soon), and additional social channels all with a few clicks. What happens after you publish it? See the next discussion point.

Monetization (aka Sprinkles!): How do I monetize my content on YouTube?
Solution? Wazee Digital has expanded a service offering which our Wazee Digital Commerce clients have been utilizing for years. We help our clients protect their brand integrity, content’s copyright, and generate revenue, AND we have doing it for YEARS with some of the most well recognized content out there like College Football! We have put together a variety of packages to fit all business needs.

If you happen to be heading to NAB, drop me a line and let’s meet up. We’ll be in a Salon Suite at The Wynn showcasing our products in a fun and interactive way. I promise to listen, ask some questions, even buy you a drink for your thoughts. Until then we will be stalking the unicorns in Denver!