Don’t Sit On Your Assets

Don’t Sit On Your Assets

Allison Coquet November 21, 2016

Wazee Digital Core is the heart of Wazee Digital’s portfolio. Core is responsible for the storage, workflow and delivery of content. Both Wazee Digital Commerce, our licensing solution and Wazee Digital Media Hub, our Live Events solution use Core and without it could not operate. In the next series of blogs we will be deep diving into the world of Core.

Dynamic Archive

When I think of an ARCHIVE it’s in capital bold letters and feels a little intimidating. I think of a dusty white-haired librarian slowly walking through the dark bowels of a library to search for an antique book which is requested at once every century. The librarian unlocks the door to the secure room with a giant iron skeleton key and shakily reaches onto a shelf to pull down a tattered book. Not exactly cutting edge or thrilling image is it? Instead of utilizing an archive as a place to keep things ‘just in case,’ I believe an archive should be used frequently and often... like your turn signals and your napkin. Thus, the term dynamic archive. Other requirements of a dynamic archive include security, allowing only people with permission to access it but - yet be accessible and outside the firewall. The consolidation of content, accessibility of content, and the searching of content to find what you are looking for:
All key requirements to a dynamic archive.

I encourage anyone with content to think outside the box for what many uses the content could be used for: Monetization? Brand expansion? Promotion? You have all of this great ‘stuff,’ do something with it!. My coworkers may all get t-shirts for the holidays that state ‘Don’t sit on your ASSETS!’ Almost all content is valuable in one way or another.

Case in point, did you know one of the most popular YouTuber with 6.5 billion views is a 4- year- old boy who reviews toys? Don’t laugh too hard, that channel has an estimated worth of $15.1M. What you shouldn’t do is wait for someone to ask what you content you may have. Put it out there. Be creative, be courageous! Here at Wazee Digital, we create sizzle reels to highlight content we have in our licensing business. These go out to agencies and our content purchasers.

In addition, we publish to YouTube (other social media platforms) to connect with your audiences and create a marketing buzz for brand expansion and generate revenue.

But, how do you discover what is in your dynamic archive to better your business?

Tune in next time for search…..