Launching Wazee Digital Media Hub:
Enhance Fan Engagement
by Centralizing Access to your Live Content

Launching Wazee Digital Media Hub: Enhance Fan Engagement by Centralizing Access to your Live Content

Brian Eldredge December 6, 2016

What things in your everyday life rely upon some sort of efficiency? What are those efficiencies related to? Are these efficiencies due to scale, allocation, or technology? How about centralization or localization?

When you take a closer look at all your day-to-day activities, you may begin to realize the impact centralization has on your daily life. This concept is not often discussed, so entertain this analogy – if you will: Something as simple as a grocery store provides you a single location to access all of the ingredients needed to make a meal. In ancient Rome, great Forums (modern day malls) were built to provide a single, centralized marketplace for easy access to a variety of goods. In both examples, centralization of goods allows individuals to come to single location to access a wide variety of goods and make the best selections knowing they have access to everything that is available. A grocery store acquires different goods once - providing access to the goods by many.

At Wazee Digital, we see the digital media world coming to a very interesting intersection. Today, there is an overwhelming amount of raw content being recorded by sports broadcasters and digital services teams. Yet, how many content creators have access to this overwhelming pile of media? A broadcast may capture hundreds of hours of content over the course of a golf tournament, yet only a fraction of the content makes it to air: The content that a broadcaster believes is the most important to their audience.

What about the value of the content, and often iconic moments, that didn’t make it to the broadcast? The priceless content that was left on the cutting room floor? Australian golfer, Jason Day, may be nine shots off the lead and therefore not an important storyline in the U.S. broadcast, but Day’s play is important to his millions of fans in Australia. The Jason Day content is also extremely valuable to Australian broadcasters and digital media outlets.

How can content creators, or rights holders, localize the coverage of an event to enhance viewership and fan engagement?

We have been watching this trend grow over the past couple of years. More content is being recorded than ever before and there are more ways to distribute content to engaged fans than ever before; TV, OTT, Social platforms and Property apps. Yet, how do we deliver the right content to the right people - at the right time effectively and efficiently?

You may say, if an Australian broadcaster wants to cover Jason day, why don’t they get a credential and cover every shot of his? That’s fair, but what’s the cost to send a small production crew halfway around the world? The cost may be less than the ROI of local fan engagement and sponsorship activation, so it is then worth the travel costs to send a crew… Okay, but will the event provide your crew credentials and will they provide them the access they need to cover Jason Day appropriately? Maybe, Maybe not.

Here are a few scenarios:

  • It’s a cost to the event to issue more credentials and provide real estate in a compound for your crew
  • The Host broadcaster may have exclusive rights to certain filming locations and deny your crew access
  • How many different cameras need to be filming the same exact moment from nearly identical positions?

We have seen our partners come across these scenarios with hundreds of media outlets. Everyone wants access to the same location to film nearly identical content, so they can distribute it. This is not efficient. This is not cost effective. This is not acquiring once, access for many – or use for any. This does not align with the necessity of centralized marketplaces.

In 2016, we have tackled this dilemma for several of our partner’s head on.

The root of the problem is directly related to centralization. How can we apply the philosophy of “capture once, access for many.” Through these exercises, we developed Wazee Digital Media Hub powered by Wazee Digital Core.

Digital Media Hub introduces a solution to promptly centralize access to all broadcast quality content from an event (such as a game) in a single, browser based portal allowing access from anywhere around the globe, eliminating the need for expense satellite licenses. Wazee Digital integrates with the host broadcasters EVS network to capture, tag, and organize every moment from an event, not just the ones that made it to air. We realize there is value in every moment and that by capturing once - and providing access to many, we can eliminate the inefficiencies, costs, and headaches individuals go through to gain access to content.

Save the plane ticket and hotel rooms. Save the credentials. Save the real estate in the compound. Most importantly, save the head-aches and inefficiencies. Digital Media Hub captures once and provides GLOBAL access to many.

Unlike a grocery store that gives consumers access to purchase every item (within their budget) in the store, Digital Media Hub uses metadata tags to segment and manage access to users. An event rights holder can administer access of an Australian media outlet to only have access and download permissions to content featuring Australian players. Or, they can provide the Australian media outlet access to all, or somewhere in between. The ability to acquire and centralize an events content coupled with the power of metadata, and the flexibility of Digital Media Hub’s user permissions provides complete control over access and distribution of content.

Centralization is not rocket science; it’s been occurring for thousands of years. In fact, centralization is a very simple concept. But as our Commerce Product Line Manager, Tanya Sudolnik, wrote: “Simple is Complicated”. Simple is complicated, but simple is necessary. Centralization is a very simple concept, and centralization is necessary to get the right content to the right people at the right time.

Digital Media Hub is a available today, for more information contact your account representative or contact us here.