IABM Americas’ Regional Council NAB SHOW 2017 – Post show thoughts

IABM Americas’ Regional Council NAB SHOW 2017 – Post show thoughts

Andy Hurt June 9, 2017

Originally published on IABM's blog, June 8, 2017

Andy Hurt, SVP Marketing and Business Development, Wazee Digital

Now that the 2017 NAB Show has wrapped up and I have had a little time to reflect, there a couple of things that stand out in terms of industry direction and technology trends.

First, virtually every company at the show marketed itself as being “in the cloud.” It is amazing to think that just a few years ago, if you brought up cloud technology at an M&E event, you’d end up in a debate about how media companies would never move off-premises. Obviously, those days are gone, and the great news for content owners and distributors is that the journey to the cloud has started for nearly everyone in one way or another. But, one note of caution: Not all cloud services are the same. More than 80 percent of all AWS apps running in the cloud are a “lift and shift” of traditional on-premises technology. The remaining 20 percent are cloud-native, and with them come a host of benefits, like auto-scaling, elasticity, pay for use, and more.

At NAB 2017, Wazee Digital demonstrated how to capture content in real time and, using file acceleration, upload it to Wazee Digital Core, our cloud-native asset management platform. From there, Core kicked off file rendering, metadata extraction, archiving, and publishing workflows that sent content to multiple digital endpoints including Core, Wazee Digital Media Hub, Wazee Digital Commerce, YouTube, and Facebook. We accomplished all of it using a 25 Mbps Wi-Fi network, thus proving the benefit of having a lightweight, browser-based front end with all the heavy lifting and transformation of video assets being processed and stored in the cloud.

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