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A Laggard No More

Ashley Bailey July 11, 2016

By year 2000, the Internet was everywhere. Yet still, it was something that we patiently waited to be connected to – ah yes, the days of watching the iconic yellow AOL man run across your screen with the exciting yet dreaded dial-up tone. “Welcome,” and “You’ve got mail” became signals to our psyche that we were connected.

Brings back some fond memories doesn’t it? In this era, social media could be summed up as chat rooms and forums. In 2003 when MySpace was introduced, it quickly become the most popular social networking website in its time. And by 2005, MySpace was everywhere and everyone was on it. Designing your MySpace Profile – choosing your layout and music collections took time and were deeply personal. Up until this time (and beginning in the late 90s), blogs were largely written by individuals and were personal in nature – similar to an online diary. Though, some were written solely on particular subjects, brands, and companies. This was the way of social media until about 2008 – in came Facebook, Twitter, and micro-blogging.

Over the last couple of decades, blogging and social media has evolved from an individual endeavor to stay connected – to a necessity for companies and brands to stay connected with their audience, inform their users, and stay alive in the market. Gone are the days of watching the AOL man and waiting for your homepage to load. Gone are the days of sending your most important information for clients through the mail. Or even… email.

How do you receive the information you need and are interested in? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess… social media is at the top of that list, including, relevant blogs.

What does all of this have to do with Wazee Digital? Well, up until NOW, 2016, Wazee Digital has not had a blog. Why? Well, the simple and candid answer is that we are blog laggards. This technically savvy, enterprise SaaS company in the media and entertainment industry is late to the game. Though our other reasons for not having a blog up until now are a bit more complex.

There is a fine line between being casual and being too casual – similarly, there is a fine line between being professional and being… uptight…. or stuffy. Who wants to read a stuffy blog? And for a business, selecting your tenor and tone for is discouraging – if not downright scary. I would venture to say that reputation is top of mind for most companies – yet when you have many high profile clients and partners, as we do (such as Sony Pictures, Amazon, Fox, NCAA, USGA, National Geographic) – reputation takes a front seat. And, there are risks involved in the world of social media – blogging included. Risks like: hackers, disclosure of confidential information, inaccurate information going viral, and over promoting to name a few.

Other risks factored into the decision to not have blog up until now. Like consistency and frequency. And questions like – how do you have a consistent style yet keep the authors voice? Or, how in the $!*% are we going to find the time to write helpful and valuable pieces? And, for the authors, is my writing good enough? Will people want to read what I have to say? Not to mention (except that I am), the ever-so-frustrating pressures of ‘having to post something…anything,’ i.e. the blogging just to blog pitfall that we wanted to avoid entirely. A key answer to many of our questions is to have a team in place within our Marketing Team that spearheads our social networking efforts. Though perhaps even more essential, our answer to these plaguing questions – is to be transparent with who we are, what we do, and open the door to receive the invaluable feedback that we receive from our audience. It is to not select a tone and tenor – but to simply be who we are – as individuals and as a company.


What we have come to understand is that a social network is a community. It’s not one where you can go grab lunch and discuss what we are up to now with our SaaS platform, Wazee Digital Core, or share a glass of wine and talk about where our Live Events Service is headed in 2017, or watch the Rockies at Coors Field and discuss content licensing – but it is a one where we can have these conversations virtually – and invite the conversations into a physical setting.

We are crossing the chasm – and have decided that the benefits of having a blog – such as sharing valuable content that only we have access to, sharing our expertise in the industry, connecting with our customers, partners, and market, and gathering feedback, undeniably outweigh the risks.

Why do you read the blogs that you continue to read? If you are at all like me, you read them because they teach you something, they make you think, they impress you in some way, they’re different, they’re well-written and entertaining, and they’re something you typically share with friends, colleagues, or family. The truth is, we are doing some freakin’ awesome things in digital asset management, live event services, and content licensing. In the areas that our business is built on – we are innovators and early adopters. And we want our readers – YOU to be privy to this awesomeness.

We are an agile company, from our development to our marketing organization, so we are going to roll this blog out in true agile fashion by embracing transparency, responding to change, delivering frequently, listening to feedback – and inspect and adapt accordingly. You won’t see a yellow man run across your screen when our blog is published, but it is our hope that this blog brings you the great insights, new information, and perhaps more than anything – the thought provoking and inspiring content that you are seeking.