Moments in Time, in the Cloud

Moments in Time, in the Cloud

Ian Retzlaff April 2, 2018

In sports, there are moments in time you’ll never forget; moments that bring you back; and invoke that feeling of nostalgia you almost can’t describe, moments that withstand the test of time. Every March and April, fans everywhere get to relive these iconic moments, and Wazee Digital sits at the nexus of it all.

The NCAA® Tournament is here and with it comes a laundry list of unforgettable moments, from buzzer beaters, to Cinderella upsets, to legendary performances. All these iconic moments live digitally on the Wazee Digital Core and Wazee Digital Commerce platforms and enable approved broadcast and digital sporting news outlets, brands/advertisers, and other third-parties to search, preview, clip, and download content to bring so many studio and original programs and advertisements to life. Content really is king and iconic, memorable moments play a huge role across editorial highlight shows (e.g. Top-10s, flash-backs, digital highlights, and rebroadcasts), long-form original programs (e.g. all-access productions, feature profiles on players, coaches, and teams) and everything in-between. The key to it all (besides these amazing moments and content itself) is making sure these moments are easily searchable, previewable, and retrievable across the globe. Metadata and intuitive IP are crucial to a scalable archive and ensuring networks can leverage content to enhance the quality of their programming for an enhanced audience engagement experience. Everyone is competing for viewership and the use of content is integral to market differentiation. Take this moment for example. Sure, you can read about it, but there’s nothing quite like reliving it:

On the front-end, advanced cloud-native content ingest processes and metadata schemes fuel back-end content delivery, use, and monetization. These workflows enable on-demand search, preview, and permission-based retrieval of content with accelerated download capabilities across game/event broadcasts, melts, pressers, and the corresponding announcer calls, which seem to get better with age. Frankly, the fast-paced world of production will accept nothing less. It’s important to anticipate content access needs and safeguards around major sporting events to drive further value for our sporting partners and their immensely valuable and highly protected content rights. After all, once the event ends, the memories and content are what remain. That value cannot be overstated.

Rights holders work tirelessly to build a brand and their copyrighted content serves as a window into the rich history of their games/events and gateway to their future. Understanding that relationship and making sure the right people have the ability to use certain content (and inability to use others) to tell the right stories for the right audiences is key. Understanding this greater holistic value of sporting content pushes us forward to build a full-scale content ecosystem designed for the past, present, and future. History won’t wait, as demonstrated by all the amazing moments from the first two rounds of the NCAA® Tournament, and rights holders should be ready. We are.