Publish to Facebook | Core Insiders: June 2017

Publish to Facebook | Core Insiders: June 2017

Allison Coquet June 28, 2017

Welcome to summer (to those in the Northern Hemisphere), and welcome to the first edition of the Wazee Digital Core Newsletter!

If you have not met me, I am Allison Coquet. As a product line manager, I am always seeking a better way to regularly communicate new features and provide helpful tips and tricks to our 8,000+ Core users without calling everyone directly. Although I would like to be able to contact each of you personally to chat about the latest news, the fact that many of you are distributed across the globe makes this impractical. (Plus, I might get cranky from lack of sleep after talking to thousands of you, and nobody should have to deal with that.) So I’ve decided to send a periodic newsletter instead.

Because I don’t want to bombard you with emails for each release, you should expect to receive this newsletter every six to eight weeks. Meanwhile, you can always check the Knowledge Base for release notes. Please reach out to me or your account manager if you have suggestions, comments, or questions regarding the content in this newsletter or Core.

NEW Features:

Facebook Publishing

Our Core library contains more than 3 million pieces of content. Some are funny. Some are sad. Some are shocking. Some are inspiring. Many should be shared. And all have an audience that cares about that content.

It’s more important than ever to distribute content across multiple channels, including social media, to ensure audience penetration. Facebook and YouTube have proven to be the most impactful mediums through which to share videos relevant to our industry, so that’s where we’ve focused our efforts. While Snapchap is currently great for sending filtered pictures of myself with flower crowns or panda ears, my kids, rather than corporations, are the uber-consumers of the stories, snaps, and content posted by users. Luckily though, my kids still work for ice cream, so they will be my consultants on that upcoming integration.

The reason you should use Core’s new YouTube and Facebook integration is simple; it is exceptionally innovative and streamlines your work making it easier to publish video to social end points. Ultimately, it’s about enabling effective sharing of your content, accessibility of your content, and discoverability of your content.

My third grade teacher, Mrs. Phillips, had it right when she said, “Sharing is caring.” We all have those friends who we think overshare on social media, but isn’t it terrific that they have the freedom to share, and we have the freedom not to look? You can scroll past their posts, unfollow them (they need never know), or, when the mood strikes, share their posts. Did you know YouTube offers 15 different ways you can share a video (including email and embedding)? Now imagine how that can exponentially increase your brand recognition.

Why spend time keying metadata multiple times and downloading videos just to turn around and have to upload them again? With one click, you can share multiple renditions with different metadata you have curated to multiple social media endpoints. And you can also manage and remove posts from the same page you publish from.

This kind of efficiency leaves a lot more time for you to share your videos with Facebook’s 1.28 billion daily users and grab your portion of 1 billion daily mobile views watched on YouTube. I know if I find your content there, I’ll be sure to like it, and of course I’ll share it as well!

Publish Tab

Because we believe content is made to be seen, the Core team proudly launched a new Publish Tab that allows users to publish multiple renditions with default or curated metadata to YouTube and/or Facebook with a single click. Posting your content on YouTube and Facebook allows your company to expand brand recognition, protect content reputation, and increase potential social media revenue by making it discoverable and searchable for consumption by billions of Facebook and YouTube users per day.

Wondering what the new Publish page looks like or what the latest release is? Click Help at the bottom of any Core screen, or bookmark for access to the Wazee Digital Core user guide and release notes.

Core Tips & Tricks

At the heart of Core is our extensive search capability. To act on an asset, you need to find it first. Below are some tips on searching, which will help you in your asset quest.

  • To search for assets ingested around similar time periods, use a “name:” search, and then append an asterisk to the end.

Example: name:447N0CG*

  • Search for assets X many days back from today.

Example: ingested:[-#] (where # equals the number of days from which you want to see ingested content)

  • Did you know there are hotkeys in the system? From the advanced player, click “?”, then view the tabbed pages.

Type ahead search and search suggestions

At Wazee Digital, working as a team is something we take seriously. As part of this periodic newsletter, I’d like to introduce you to some of our team members who are working hard to make sure your projects are successful.

Featured Employee

Meet Allison Obenchain, Support Center Supervisor

Responsible for:

I’m responsible for issues or concerns a client might have while working with our products. This includes troubleshooting and addressing the emails that come to

Length of time at Wazee Digital:

I was a contractor with Wazee (Digital) from September 2013 till the end of 2015. I’ve been a full-time employee since 2016.

Enjoy about job/most fun moment at work:

The best moments at work are when we collaborate between teams during tough situations and come out feeling unified and accomplished when we discover a root cause and solution.

Hobbies/general information to share:

Outside of Wazee Digital, I work hard at the hop farm with my boyfriend and three dogs. It’s an 8-acre farm in its fourth year of production, and we sell the final product to a local brewery. When all the work has been done at the farm, we enjoy hiking, camping, biking, and pretty much any activity that takes us out into our lovely home state of Colorado.

I am excited to watch you grow your brand outreach as you utilize Core and our Facebook and YouTube integrations. As always, we will continue working to find additional solutions to increase the value of your content.

Remember, use Core, and use our Facebook and YouTube publishing integrations, but don’t Snapchat me. You will be left on blast.

Allison Coquet, VP Product Line Management, Core