Publish More to Facebook and YouTube
Core Insiders: August 2017

Publish More to Facebook and YouTube | Core Insiders: August 2017

Allison Coquet August 9, 2017

New Features in Core

We are pleased to announce a new feature in Facebook Publishing that supports the publishing of photos to Facebook from Core. Users who have publishing capability can post photos with descriptive metadata including URLs. Publishing of photos is allowed through workflow and through the Publish UI.

A usage policy has been added to YouTube Publishing to enable assignment of a YouTube usage policy to videos that are being published from Core. The usage policies are created and maintained within YouTube but are available for selection when publishing from Core. Allowing users to assign usage policies to videos within Core creates a more flexible publishing process for clients who may have different global rights and monetization policies for their content.

For more information on how to get started publishing content to Facebook and YouTube, visit the Knowledge Base or contact your account manager.

Frequently Used Acronyms in Core

The Secret of NIMH

The epitome of a cryptic acronym. Yet, who didn't love that movie? Full of talking mice and rats, lots of drama, and a storyline that seemed so mysterious and complex — or certainly did to me, at age 7.

Building on the theme of the mysterious, I am going to explore some of the acronyms bandied about at Wazee Digital. Below is a high-level glossary of some of the more popular terms. If you are interested in learning more about the “how” and “why” of these terms, please contact me or your account manager. We’d be happy to dive into the details with you.

  • ToM (Transcode-o-Matic): Proprietary service used to process and monitor ingest, transcodes, and deliveries
  • MoM (Move-o-Matic): Proprietary service that moves files
  • NoM (iNgest-o-Matic): Proprietary service that transforms data into Wazee Digital-compatible fields/data
  • DESi (Digital End-Point Service): Proprietary service used to deliver video and photos to a digital endpoint such as YouTube or Facebook
  • Lucy: Lucy coordinates deliveries and other information between Core and DESi

Note: Lucy and DESi work together : )

  • BAMS (Baseline Automated Metadata Services) is an acronym for a few different services:

a) Transcript Synchronization: This automated process applies content transcripts to the timeline, creating a time-code-accurate track against which a user can search.
b) Phonetic Keyword Scanning: The platform “listens” to your content to create a time-code-accurate script. These phonetic scans produce an index of keywords from the asset’s audio. And, of course, the resulting keywords are fully searchable.
c) Facial Recognition: This service process indexes all facial instances in the asset, groups them, and then links them back to the asset timeline.

Tips & Tricks

Save a Search Result in Core

Saving a search which may have complex search strings and filter selections can save time and streamline workflows for users. If you have gone through all the work to find exactly the content you need, why not save it for future use?

  1. Perform your search and filter as required
  2. Ensure the display and sort options are configured the way you would like to see them
  3. Click the My Searches bookmark icon in the top right of the screen
  4. Name the search
  5. Click Save Search
  6. The search is saved for later use and displays when the bookmark icon is selected
  7. Users may search, edit, or delete saved searches

This article is also available in the Knowledge Base.

Featured Employee

Meet: Nicole Jayne

Job title: Senior Director, Account Management

Responsible for: Overseeing the account management team that works directly with customers to support their needs as they engage with the services Wazee Digital provides.

Length of time at Wazee Digital: 5 ½ years

Enjoy most about the job: Enjoy most about the job: Two things that never seem to change: (1) working with an awesome portfolio of customers and (2) an office filled with a stellar team of enthusiastic and dedicated people.

When I’m not at the office, you’ll likely find me: heading into the mountains to disconnect, traveling to see new sights, or enjoying quality time with my family.

Hobbies / Interests: Hiking and backpacking, trying to keep plants alive in my garden, cycling around Denver, Colorado breweries, live music, making things (sewing, painting, and other crafting endeavors), and cooking Indian dishes.

So now that Wazee Digital may perhaps be a little less mysterious, you may be more apt to begin publishing your content straight from Core to Facebook or YouTube. That way, your content won’t be so mysteriously hidden from your fans. :)

- Allison Coquet, VP Product Line Management, Core