A Summer in Denver at Wazee Digital, An Intern's-Eye View

Everyone I worked with continually provided feedback and encouraged me to ask questions - they made clear their gratitude and their willingness to help in my education and professional development.

A Summer in Denver at Wazee Digital, an Intern’s-Eye View

Nate Gee September 14, 2016

The first ten weeks of my summer I spent interning with the Account Management team at Wazee Digital. As a rising junior studying economics at Middlebury College, I was grateful and excited to be part of a unique and exciting business in a city that I had never been to before.

I received a warm welcome from Wazee Digital as the summer began. During the first week, I was introduced to practically everyone across all “legs” of the business in Denver, many of whom I would soon work with. My supervisors, Brian, Nicole, and Elizabeth, had even welcomed me via video conferencing weeks before I arrived, and they then planned projects specifically tailored to my background, interests, and skills.

As the summer went by, everyone I worked with continually provided feedback and encouraged me to ask questions. In doing so, they made clear their gratitude and their willingness to help in my education and professional development.


The bulk of my work—and my favorite work—leveraged my academic background in statistics and economics to carry out projects helping the Account Management team as well as other groups at Wazee Digital. For instance, I analyzed large archives of previously sold stock footage material from a major studio and a major network to reveal what types of material sold best and where they sold. To do so, I found the characteristics of these assets that were most relevant in evaluating their overall sales performance as a means to project the optimal types of future content. I then created different graphical ways of representing the findings in order to make a client-oriented recommendation. Another project of mine involved examining and comparing the performances of manual and algorithmic methods of claiming video rights on YouTube. I also analyzed trends and variations in royalty rates between different verticals and time periods.

I was grateful for the opportunity to build on my academic background all while working on meaningful projects—those whose purpose and value my supervisors made sure I understood and saw through to the end. Upon finishing my first large project of the summer, in which I researched and mapped out the advertising agencies associated with the brands endorsing top talent and sports players, I was immediately called into a meeting the following morning. Here, with my work open for us to see and discuss, we talked about the significant opportunities that it could help uncover and some important time-sensitive next steps to take. In addition to allowing me to present my work and observe its significance, the account managers and executives in the meeting solicited my opinion and perspectives on these next steps. They made sure that I learned all I could from this project’s course, context, and outcome as they aimed to show me its importance. My other projects followed suit—all the people I worked with at Wazee Digital extended me this same level of support.

My summer at Wazee Digital was loads of fun. Just a few weeks in, I very much enjoyed a company outing to a Rockies game. A few weeks later, we helped build a house for Habitat for Humanity. I frequently enjoyed lunch outings with various people and groups at Wazee Digital who were all thrilled to show me what downtown Denver has to offer. Best of all, I joined a group of Account Managers that take pride in their work and in their clients so much so that they naturally leave plenty of room for fun.


Wazee Digital gathers together for a Rockies home game

Looking back, it seems that this pride also drives them to work so well together and to have welcomed me graciously to their team this summer. And, having met and worked with other departments as well, to me it seems that this pride characterizes and enhances the atmosphere at Wazee Digital as a whole. It’s a business that takes pride in its expertise, its progress in recent years, its clients, and its hope for the road ahead. In writing this blog, I want to be sure to extend my thanks for a remarkable summer.