Why Traditional Customer Service
is Complementary to Cloud Services

Why Traditional Customer Service is Complementary to Cloud Services

Maureen Dempsey February 14, 2017

In a world (er, industry) where many services are migrating to the cloud and traditional workflows once operated by humans are replaced by automated workflows, one thing remains constant: customer service. No programmed script or complex code framework can ever replace the power of a person’s dedicated attention to your business.

In recent years, technological advancements have opened up new channels for communicating and connecting with your customers, in addition to the familiar in-person meeting, phone call, or email, we can now access our customers through online web video, texting, chatrooms, and social media. There’s also an increasing trend in self-service, such as Wazee Digital’s Knowledge Base, that provides on-demand guides and notes that customers can access anytime. While self-service may not sound as personal as a live demo hosted by your Customer Solutions Rep or Account Manager, it still fulfills the basic needs that define customer service. Plus, someone took careful time to compose the knowledge base with the intent that it would enhance the customer’s experience and increase satisfaction while saving time. Customer service has certainly evolved as technologies develop and communication trends shift. However, the basis of providing customer service and what it means to customers has remained the same.

How do we define customer service in tech-based industries? There is no right or wrong answer. No customer is the same and each expect different levels of support. What is considered a “must-have” for one customer may not hold as much value to another customer. Still, the definition boils down to making sure your customers feel supported and they feel they are equipped with the appropriate resources to fulfill their business needs.

Like any other business, Wazee Digital’s priority is ensuring satisfaction for our customers so they, in turn, can be successful for their customers. We recently invited our Wazee Digital employees to nominate their colleagues for the “Best Demonstration of Customer Service” award, and the results were impressive – to say the least. One of our unofficial mottos is: “we are all in sales” and the nominations are an example of how we practice this every day, even those of us who don’t work directly with customers.

We are proud to announce the winner of the “Best Demonstration of Customer Service” award goes to... Ben Howell for his tireless efforts in supporting our customers and being a pillar of motivation for his colleagues to do the same.

“Ben handles his customers very well, managing their expectations, fulfilling their needs, and the customer loves him.”

“I feel like his approach to communicating and navigating issues for his customer accounts is beyond exceptional. I’ve seen him work issues with R&D and be the first to sign up to get his hands dirty when making sure a deploy goes smooth. He’s always on board to find a solution to a problem and sees the bigger picture.”

“I’ve witnessed first-hand Ben not only do a great job navigating tough waters but also staying composed.”

“During the weeks it took to implement a monitoring tool, Ben woke up every two hours every night in the middle of the night to manually monitor and prevent any ingest issues.”

Ben Howell, Senior Account Manager, onsite with customer National Geographic

With an overflow of nominations, it was no easy task selecting a winner for this award!

Other honorable nominations include:

“The entertainment vertical is a chaotic world where reason doesn’t always rule the day. People came up to me to compliment Joey’s work and all had examples of Joey returning emails after hours, finding research they couldn’t find on their own and returning their requests in a timely fashion. Joey continues to amaze me.”

Nominations for Joey Weizenecker, Senior Project Manager

“Though they are two separate people, I feel that both deserve the honor for their tireless work on Live Event Services, both during and after events. Both worked long nights and weekends to meet the needs of those clients and the rest of the staff working the event.”

Nominations for Pat Moore, Senior Workflow Administrator, and Derek Smith, Media Workflow Engineer

“Allison has single handedly taken on the entire front line of customer support. While multiple teams have her back for additional support, it is often up to her as the first responder to field issues reported by clients. This requires an intimate understanding of nearly every product and a unique ability to interpret each use case in order to triage, reproduce, and report issues. Her ability to adapt and create change is very inspiring.”

Nominations for Allison Obenchain, Support Center Specialist

The above nominations provide some insight: anyone in any role has the ability to impact customers, customer service can be expressed in various ways, and customer service is still widely recognized as an important and valued priority for businesses. It also illustrates how AWESOME the Wazee Digital Team is for rallying behind their colleagues to celebrate each other’s skills.