Rethink the way you manage, share, and monetize your video, still images, and audio files.

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Wazee Digital’s cloud native products enable rights holders to monetize and enrich their valuable content. Our media asset management solutions, including content licensing and live event services, provide complete control over content .

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Wazee Digital Core

The Media & Entertainment industry looks to solutions that enable the delivery of new business models to generate new revenue. Core is the only cloud media asset management (MAM) solution specifically designed to help rights holders better manage and monetize their video content.


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Wazee Digital Commerce

Wazee Digital Commerce enables content owners to grow their revenue by uncovering relevant footage for content buyers to make their projects more compelling. Commerce is supported by an experienced research and advisory team who engage with creatives and help uncover the right content and provide the appropriate rights and clearances. Commerce represents iconic archives from major brands such as MGM, National Geographic, NCAA®, College Football Playoff, World Surf League, USA Swimming, United States Tennis Association, CNN, CBS News, and independent suppliers.

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Wazee Digital Media Hub

Our SaaS portal offers centralized global access to content in an intuitive and elegant user interface. Digital Media Hub is a white-label DAM providing access to tailored, broadcast quality content including: trailers, highlights, press conferences, still images, and media releases—that can be simply distributed, allowing rights holders to focus on what they will do with the content, rather than how they will get access to it.

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