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Some theorize that the age of the dinosaurs came to an end as the result of a falling meteor. Will cable operators survive the impact of their own meteor? [...]

Advanced Metadata Unlocks the Value of a Video Library

What I’m curious about is this: What change agents will be present at NAB? My colleague Jack Wenzinger wrote a fantastic blog on this topic at the beginning of the year called “Change Agents to Watch in 2017,” and I’ve been thinking about how his blog might align – or not – with some of the themes at NAB. I asked him if his observations had changed since he wrote the blog post and what he was interested in at NAB. He commented on a few [...]

How was it that while monstrous, heavy-weight dinosaurs perished, smaller and more adaptive mammals survived? And how can we be similarly nimble survivors — escaping the "tar pits" and going on to thrive? Today, our customers are facing the most challenging period in their history, between the unprecedented rise in content competition, the need to manage multiple platforms, and an absolute imperative to understand consumers at a level they never have before [...]